Inside my Heart

Saskia Boddeke
Special Mention for the IDFA Best Dutch Film 2023
Grand Prix, FIFA 2023

Walking to Paris

Peter Greenaway
Cinatura/Il Rivellino

Eisenstein in Guanajuato

Peter Greenaway
Submarine, Fu Works
Nominee Golden Berlin Bear, Berlin International Film Festival 2015
Nominee Teddy Best Feature Film Teddy Ballot Volkswagen Audience Award
Nominee Chlotrudis Award Best Editing, Chlotrudis Awards 2017
Nominee Chlotrudis Award Best Use of Music in a Film, Chlotrudis Awards 2017
Nominee Grand Jury Prize Feature Film Competition, Czech Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 2015
Winner Silver Peacock Best Director, Nominee Golden Peacock Best Film, International Film Festival of India 2015
Nominee Golden Calf Best Director of a Feature Film, Nederlands Film Festival 2015
Nominee Golden Space Needle Award Best Director, Seattle International Film Festival 2015
Winner Ocaña Award, Seville European Film Festival 2015

Goltzius & The Pelican Company

Peter Greenaway
Kees Kasander
Winner FICE Award Best European Director,
Nominee New Visions Award Best Motion Picture

Zwart Water

Elbert van Strien
Accento Films
Winner Grand Prize of European Fantasy Film in Gold, Winner International Fantasy Film Award Best Screenplay, Winner International Fantasy Film Special Jury Award Best Film


Peter Greenaway
Kasander Film Company
Nominee Golden Lion, Winner Mimmo Rotella Foundation Award, Winner Open Prize, Nominee Queer Lion, Venice Film Festival 2007
Winner Golden Calf Best Screenplay of a Feature Film
Winner Golden Calf Best Production Design
Nominee Golden Calf Best Film, Best Director of a Feature Film, Best Cinematography, Nederlands Film Festival 2007
Winner Best Overall Sound in a Feature Length Drama, Best Sound Editing in a Feature Length Drama, Leo Award 2008
Nominee Eagle Best Costume Design, Polish Film Awards 2008

The Tulse Luper Suitcases 3: From Sark to Finish

Peter Greenaway
Kasander Film Company

A life in Suitcases

Peter Greenaway
Kasander Film Company

The Tulse Luper Suitcases 1: The Moab Story

Peter Greenaway
Kasander Film Company
Nominee Palme d'Or Best Director, Cannes Film Festival 2003
Winner Barcelona Film Award Best Score, Barcelona Film Awards 2005

The Tulse Luper Suitcases 2: Vaux to the Sea

Peter Greenaway
Kasander Film Company
World Premiere Berlin, Official Competition Special Events 2004